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About Ethiopia

Truly a land of contrasts, from the cool peaks of the Simien Mountains to the searing desert of the Danakil Depression, from the historical northern highlands to the wild free-roaming southern regions, Ethiopia remains a unique destination within Africa and the world.
History in Ethiopia begins with its most famous ancestor, Lucy, who roamed these lands some 3.2 million years ago.  The rise of the Axumite Empire in the 1st century BC usually marks the beginning of relatively modern Ethiopian history.
With Christianity introduced to this geographically and culturally isolated country in the 4th century, one can’t help while watching the colorful Orthodox celebrations to realize that these acts of faith and devotion are likely as close to the most original form of Christianity as is present in the world today.
Along with a vibrant history come magical stories and legends that define Ethiopia’s legacy.  Join us and discover the richness of Ethiopia’s tradition.

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